Haruna WalugembeStatus: Chess Coach for Gulu Chess Center

Haruna is currently the coordinator of all the SOM chess programs that are running in Gulu that are run from the five Community Centers. When Coach Robert Katende introduced Chess in Gulu, the program was later backed up by having Gerald Mutyaba relocate to Gulu. Gerald is one of the Pioneers that started and learned Chess from the Katwe Center. From Katwe, he was sent to Gulu to acquire skills in farming, having expressed interest in farming while in Katwe. The first cash prize they won from Chess while still in Katwe, Gerald mobilized his other chess players and bought chicks that they were able to raise and sell. This was a clear indicator that he had interest in farming and currently he is leading a team of Coaches in Gulu namely: Haruna Walugambe, Jeniffer Akello, Irene Atek, Judith Ayoo and others.