In 2015, SOM Chess Academy registered as a Club in order to participate in the National Chess League. This was aimed at giving the Pioneers plus other children in the program a better platform to develop their Chess Skills. We also have some other children enrolled in other Chess Clubs like Phiona playing for Mulago Queens, Benjamin playing for Mulago Rooks, Buyinza and Wilson playing for Mulago Knights. The rest of the children Gloria, Lydia, Isiah and Stellah playing for Mulago Pawns. Som Chess Academy Club finished in the seventh position out of 29 clubs that played the league. and this year’s National Chess League started in May. Although the format of the National Chess League has been changed and now there are two divisions. This split required a pre-season tournament to determine the Clubs that shall join division one and those to go in Division two. Som Chess Club Played three matches for the Pre-season and won two thus making it to play from Division One. We are to register the girls Chess team as well and then distribute other girls to other Chess Clubs.

In 2017, Som Chess Academy has been able to Register Five Teams in the National Chess League; comprising of Children trained and nurtured by the organization.

Som Katwe, Som Nateete, Som Kawempe, Som Kibuli and Som Children.

It is an expensive venture but it has been made possible by the wonderful supporters of this work.

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