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Queen of Katwe Movie by Disney Walt Pictures

The Queen of Katwe Movie is a true and inspiring Story of Coach Robert Katende and the Children he decided to father, teach and mentor from the Slums of Katwe.

He is the man who brought Chess in the Slums because earlier on it was believed to be a game of the Elite and played in only noble families.

He started with only one Chess board he owned right from his University and in such a humble beginning, Robert worked diligently daily spending valuable time with the children in the Slums in that they became part of his Family. He started seeking for them opportunities to participate in National Chess events and eventually got them opportunities for school.

This led to the Writing of the an article in the ESPN Magazine which is a record holder with about 9 pages,

It later translated into a book entitled the ‘The Queen Of Katwe’ a book which was first published in English in 2012 and It is now translated into 14 International languages.

  1. Brazil (Portuguese)
  2. Arab Scientific Publishers (Arabic)
  3. Scribe Publications (Australia English)
  4. A.W. Bruna (Dutch)
  5. Michel Lafon (French)
  6. BTB (German)
  7. Knopf Random House Canada (Canada English)
  8. Kinneret Publishing (Hebrew)
  9. Agave (Hungarian)
  10. Piemme (Italian)
  11. Woongjin Think Big Co., Ltd. (Korean)
  12. Juritzen Forlag (Norwegian)
  13. Little, Brown UK (UK English)
  14. China

It was an amazing experience for the entire SOM Chess Academy beneficiaries, Staff, Supporters and well wishers including entire community in Katwe to appear on the big screen.

The entire Shooting project was a big blessing to not only the children who acted in the film but also to the entire Katwe, Kibuli, Ggaba, Owino and other communities where shooting was done from; because people got jobs to serve some as crew and majority as extras. Having some of the children from the Som Chess Academy be part of the acting was an amazing opportunity and their families have been changed for ever.


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  1. I can’t wait to see the film! I’m so proud of Robert and Phiona. Proud to know you both! Congratulations!

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